Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back to the laboratory

For now, at least, I'm dropping my WordPress blog, World's Latest Bloomer, a chronicle of my life as a late-blooming musician and singer.

Turns out only a couple of people on the planet knew or cared about the blog, including my own family (insert whine here).  I began to question whether it was a worthwhile use of time I should be using to practice guitar. I suspect my monkey mind was trying to avoid the actual pursuit, in favor of  blathering about it. Those hours of blogging could have been put to better use practicing scales, chords and lyrics.

I did learn a few things about how to work in WordPress and I'm sure the knowledge will come in handy in the future. For instance, I discovered that if you rename your blog in WordPress, every post you've labored over up to that point will be consigned to oblivion. At which point, you get to decide whether to start again at square one or give it up.

Let's just call it another faltering experiment in the great laboratory of life. So for now you will have to settle for the mental meanderings provided here.

Now I'm going to practice some scales.


Steve Cotton said...

And that is one reason I have not transferred to WordPress. I am too wedded to my old posts.

Nancy said...

When I moved to my own domain I transferred everything into wordpress and it imported just fine.

Glad to see you here, though, and it sounds like you are having fun.

Nancy said...

I'd been with blogger for a couple years when I decided to get my own domain and move to wordpress. All my old posts imported flawlessly.

Sounds like you are having fun, Bliss. Hope to see you sometime soon!

jomomma said...

There's just not enough time in the the day for all the things that I want to do, knit, sew, practice guitar, work.... if only I didn't have to work.

Anonymous said...

keep tapp'in the key board...give those fingers exercise for pick'in. More MX photos in your blog...But it is your BiLL

1st Mate said...

Steve & Nancy - No, I wasn't moving this blog to WordPress. I started a second blog on WordPress Jan. 1 and silly me, I tried to change its name a couple of weeks ago. Changing the name is all it took to obliterate three months of posts. I'm just dealing with it, will be back. The new name will be Carry a Tune.

jomomma - Amen, sister.

BiLL - I used to post MX pictures every day on this blog. Just haven't been in that mode for a while. Look at my archives.