Thursday, March 21, 2013

I've moved

One of the two or three blogging buddies who still now and then check this blog for new posts asked where I've gone. So I think it's only fair to say, even though I don't expect it will increase traffic to it, that I have moved to WordPress, and my blog there is called "Carry a Tune." It's all about music, which has pretty much taken over my life in the last couple of years. Yes, I still rescue dogs, I still have two foster cats, and I still sail (we're going out Saturday, in fact). But learning to play guitar (so I can accompany myself and pick my own songs!) and singing with a band and also with my jazz guitarist husband are what give my life meaning now.

Come on over and visit!


Steve Cotton said...

I will revise my list.

judith said...

That's awesome. I'll be right over.

Anonymous said...

this may sound hard to believe, but i was just going to e-mail you to say that i knew it had been a while since you'd posted, but that just recently i'd noticed it had been over 4 months. i was a bit worried. glad to see that all is well and life is keeping you busy and happy. we are loving it here. we got our extension and will be here through june of 2014 and possibly longer. if not for the extension, we'd just have 3 months left. i will e-mail and send pix tomorrow. busy today planning for a barbecue for my hiking group. thank God i've found this club so i can do all the hiking i want. most of the other wives just take a lot of cultural tpe classes, to each his own (her own in this case) give me the great outdoors and i am happy as can be. steve is fine except for recently being diagnosed with sciatica, but he got a cortisone shot and is much better. take care,

tu amiga,

Anonymous said...

hope it went through-i just wrote a long one.

teresa in nagoya